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Q: Are the overlays removable?
A: Yes they are, however due to the strength of the 3M adhesive they do not come off easily and cannot be reused once removed.

Q: Do you do custom work and colors?
A: Yes, you can commission us for any custom project. However, we rarely do custom color requests for existing products due to the high expense of producing one-off overlays. We usually ask that you pre-order a minimum of 10 overlays.

Q: Can I order a product you no longer sell?
A: Yes, we can always start another production run. Again we usually ask that we can get a pre-order of at least 10 overlays.

Q: Why are your products so expensive, isn't this just a “sticker”?
A: Our products use the highest quality lexan polycarbonate sheets and printing process available that will last the lifetime of the instrument, unlike a cheap vinyl sticker. We also don't produce these in mass quantities like big manufactures, so our cost per unit is higher.

Q: Why is your International Shipping so expensive?
A: We cannot dictate what the shipping couriers charge, they are their rates, not ours. So far USPS is the cheapest and most reliable service we can find. Shipping slower First Class Mail only saves you about $20, is not insured, not trackable, and can take up to 8 weeks delivery time versus 6-10 day service.


Makers of all the Kiwi CPU upgrade products.

Polysix, Poly-61, and Mono/Poly ModyPoly and other cool synth upgrades.

Borish Electronics
Chicago based vintage synth repair shop. They sell Roland 80017A replacement VCF/VCA ICs for only $149/set of six.

Syntaur Parts
Great source for finding new and used synth parts!

Korg replacement KLM boards, updated power supplies, clone SSM chips, and new front metal panels.

Three Wave Music
New and Vintage synth shop.

Synths & Stuff
US made custom wood chassis for Polysix, Poly-61, Mono/Poly.