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Update 05/10/2024:
New lower international shipping cost

Shipping international orders outside the US has steadily risen each year to the point the lowest we could find still insured and reasonable shipping time was $65-75 depending on location, sometimes costing us more than we charged. To many potential customers this was a deal breaker on ordering an overlay or not.

We are pleased to announce NEW LOWER SHIPPING COSTS! We are new shipping using Global Post Plus for lower cost of $30-35 with 8-10 days international service. :)

Update 05/08/2024:

Kiwi-106 overlays are finally back in stock! KiwiSix overlays are in production and will available again soon.

Update 02/28/2024:

As some of you have might have noticed I have not been very active in responding to emails, some orders, and production delays. I was recently diagnosed with renal cancer and have been out of action for the most part of the last 6-7 months. The good news after surgery and treatments I’m back in action, thankfully. Production has resumed and things are returning to normal.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding, support, and words of encouragement!


Roland JD-Xi Jupiter Overlay Roland MC-2oh2
Roland TR-6S 909 style overlay


These Kiwi 106 overlays are a great addition to anyone installing the Kiwi CPU upgrade. Makes it so much easier to see where the new controls are located. Excellent quality and very easy to install!
– Steve, Savage Electronics UK

I installed the Juno version of the overlay and it took me less than 10 minutes. It is an extremely well made overlay and if you follow the instructions it goes on perfectly. I highly recommend it.
– kpsiegel

We just got the overlays, and they look great!
– Sam, Three Wave Music Store

Getting professional results is pretty easy given the exceptional strength of the overlay and the highly accurate panel cut-outs in the design. Thumbs up!
– Syntegrator, Canada

I have to say I am impressed. Very nice work and quality indeed.
– Murray, KiwiTechnics

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