Introducing the MoTET Programmer™, our new Mopho & Tetra programmer panel overlay for the low-cost Behringer BCR-2000 MIDI desktop controller. You can now access ALL the sound editing parameters hidden inside your little powerhouse from Dave Smith Instruments. The second row of switches act as a C major scale keyboard allowing you to play it while programming without the need for a midi keyboard, making it the perfect solution for studio sessions and live DJ setups.
You can edit both A and B layers on the Tetra, or use two BCR's and edit both at the same time! Includes SysEx template file, no programming required.
mopho tetra programmer

MoTET BCR Programmer Panel Overlay – $55 - SOLD OUT!

US Shipping is $9.95 2-3 Day Service
International Shipping is USPS Flat Rate $29.95 6-10 Day Service

Click Here to Download SysEx Files.

Works with both Dave Smith Instruments Mopho and Tetra.

Download installation instructions

Note: The photos show Prophet-08 knobs installed on the BCR-2000 and are not included.
You can order them directly from Dave Smith Instruments. Perfect fit!


Getting professional results is pretty easy given the exceptional strength of the overlay and the highly accurate panel cut-outs in the design. Thumbs up!
Syntegrator - Canada
YouTube Channel

I installed the Juno version of the overlay and it took me less than 10 minutes. It is an extremely well made overlay and if you follow the instructions it goes on perfectly. I highly recommend it.
kpsiegel - USA

We just got the Kiwi-106 Overlays, and they look great!
Sam - USA
Three Wave Music Store

These Kiwi 106 overlays are a great addition to anyone installing the Kiwi CPU upgrade. Makes it so much easier to see where the new controls are located. Excellent quality and very easy to install! I've now ordered another CPU so will be ordering again soon...
Steve - UK
Savage Electronics

I have to say I am impressed. Very nice work and quality indeed. I like the Jupiter version and it is a nice look. Different but still Roland.
Murray - New Zealand






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