Has your SP front panel seen better days and need a little TLC? Here is a simple and cost effective solution to give it a like new appearance again. Special attention has been given to every detail to ensure that all the type & spacing is 100% correct and true to the original. Our professional panel overlays are the same factory Lexan self-adhesive overlays as used by top instrument manufacturers, as seen with on our proven Kiwi-106 overlays. These are not thin cheap vinyl stickers like others have offered in the past.

More SP-12 Overlays?? If we can get 10 pre-order we can do another production run. $99 each.

SP-12 Replica Overlay – PRE-ORDER $99
Please allow 4-8 weeks

SP-1200 SOLD OUT! No Longer Available


Emu SP-12 panel

Emu SP-12 panel

Emu SP-12 panel

SP-12 faceplate replacement


Just receivsshhed my sSP-1200 overlay, and I must say, you guys did a hell of a good job !!! YOURS IS PERFECT !! It feels like being back in 87' and having it new ! Thank you!
- aktarus77

The overlay looks fantastic and adds to the new feel of the synth.
Gearslutz Post

Getting professional results is pretty easy given the exceptional strength of the overlay and the highly accurate panel cut-outs in the design. Thumbs up!
Syntegrator - Canada
YouTube Channel

I installed the Juno version of the overlay and it took me less than 10 minutes. It is an extremely well made overlay and if you follow the instructions it goes on perfectly. I highly recommend it.
kpsiegel - USA

We just got the Kiwi-106 Overlays, and they look great!
Sam - USA
Three Wave Music Store

These Kiwi 106 overlays are a great addition to anyone installing the Kiwi CPU upgrade. Makes it so much easier to see where the new controls are located. Excellent quality and very easy to install! I've now ordered another CPU so will be ordering again soon...
Steve - UK
Savage Electronics

I have to say I am impressed. Very nice work and quality indeed. I like the Jupiter version and it is a nice look. Different but still Roland.
Murray - New Zealand






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